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Tavi Gevinson Hot: Bikini Photos rather than Sexy Scarf Pics for 54% of fans

Tavi Gevinson born April 21, 1996 is an American writer, magazine editor, and actress.

The New ‘Gossip Girl’ Looks Very Promising

Probably like cool and beautiful.

Behind the Scenes of Tavi Gevinson's TIME Photo Shoot

Because of this, long-time fans might be surprised to discover that she plays a teacher, rather than a student, in the Gossip Girl remake.

Tavi Gevinson's biography, net worth, fact, career, awards and life story

What app would you say that you use the most instead? — How Physical Got Under — What Is Really Trying to Say? [Interviewer] What can you say will be different about this Gossip Girl? And where are you happiest? [Interviewer] What's the last great memoir you read? Fleabag, and it is all plagiarized.

Tavi Gevinson rockets from Rookie to teen pop

Polyester Zine, gal-dem, Another Gaze journal.

Tavi Gevinson: A Power Teen's New Direction

She edited work by writers still in high school and managed a team of adults many years her senior, and it became one of the only safe, uncynical, and unpatronizing places for girls on the internet as well as a kind of media property darling that adults working in the industry spoke about in reverent tones.

The New ‘Gossip Girl’ Looks Very Promising

Besides the bagel that she buys me, Gevinson gives me two cigarettes over the course of four hours, and will, when we pack up to part ways, provide me with some hand sanitizer.

XOXO: Tavi Gevinson on Gossip Girl and Life in the Spotlight

[Interviewer] What's the biggest difference between performing in a theater versus on camera? [Interviewer] What's the best thing about living in New York? There was also a photo shoot this morning, followed by a meeting with her agent and then another whirlwind shopping trip in Hollywood.

Tavi Gevinson: A Power Teen's New Direction

Ultimately, introducing new characters is a good decision that leaves space for the possibility of a Blair Waldorf Leighton Meester or Serena Van Der Woodsen Blake Lively cameo somewhere down the line.

Tavi Gevinson's biography, net worth, fact, career, awards and life story

Her father, Steve Gevinson, is a retired English high school teacher.

The New ‘Gossip Girl’ Looks Very Promising

But in conversation, the delivery is prone to starts and stops that start again—a sign of a careful thinker and a considered speaker who is used to reading her own words in print.